Pressure Washing

Does your home have green mildew or mold? Not only this is such an eye sore, but it can absolutely potentially damage your siding, causing rapid oxidation. Therefore, could ruin the life expectancy of your siding. Washing and maintaining your siding will help save your siding by slowing down this process, at the same time making your house look fresh and clean, out shining everyone on your street!
I have heard hundreds of times "Anyone can power wash." Although this may be true, who wants to spend hours upon hours in your busy schedules, especially the weekends during relaxing and family time, to power wash their house, driveway, etc. Most people don't realize there is a right and wrong way to wash your homes. This takes training and experience to make sure it is done right. Firstly, you don't want to damage the siding using high pressure. We use low pressure on all of our house washes. Secondly, you want to be properly trained with the use of chemicals and solutions to avoid not only potential damage to your siding and flashing, but the vegetation around your home; grass, gardens, bushes, tress, etc. If improperly trained on the use of chemicals you can kill vegetation surrounding your home. You can even hurt yourself by either breathing it in with out using proper resporators, or if it gets onto your eyes/skin. We make special mixes for specific jobs, whether its vinyl siding, aluminum siding, brick, pavement, etc. Everything has its own special mix to properly clean the specific surface to not only help keep things efficient, but to also avoid potential damage. 


Low pressure is an important factor when it comes to house washing. When prewashing, applying soap, and even rinsing off the house, low pressure is used at ALL times. There is absolutely no need to use high pressure to your siding. House washing is a 3 step process to ensure mold and mildew is killed and washed away.
Step 1) Prewashing the siding. Prewashing is important in 2 ways. Firstly, it helps rinse off surface free of dirt and debris to allow our solution to stick to the siding. Secondly, it actually acts as a lubricant for our solution for an even coat and helps prevent streaking.
Step 2) Applying the solution. We mix our solution specifically for siding. We apply our solution starting from the bottom, and work our way up. This helps the soap actually stick better as the suds help restrict the soap from dripping down, and also helps prevent streaking. After our solution is applied, we wait for about 5-10 minutes to allow it to work and kill mold or mildew. Sometimes more coats are necassary and we repeat the process.
Step 3) Rinsing off the siding. Low pressure is used to rinse off your home. To get an idea of how low the pressure is, its equivelant to using your garden hose, just stronger with more water volume to allow us to reach up to 3 stories. We start rinsing from thr highest point, and work our way down, at the same time going with the seams of the siding to help prevent water getting behind your siding. We make sure all of the soap, dirt, and debris is washed away from facia metal, siding, soffits, gutters, and even gabel vents.


Driveways, walkways, sidewalks, porch, patio, brick pavers, etc. Concrete is very porous, allowing dirt and oils to penetrate through the surface making it hard to clean and maintain. Our solution to help bring back your pavement is our 4 step process.
Step 1) Prewashing the surface. This step is important because it truly will help our soaps and solution to wash the dirt and grime that has penetrated through the surface because it washes away the surface dirt.
Step 2) Applying the solution. We use our special mixed solution to help clean pavement. After our prewash has lifted most of the dirt on top of the surface, we can now apply our solution to help clean through the pours of the surface. This kills the mold and mildew, as it also washes away the dirt and grime.
Step 3) Agitating the soap. This step helps create the lather and suds to really help bring out the dirt stuck in the pours of the surface, making it easier to wash away.
Step 4) Washing the pavement. We use a 20" radius surface cleaner for most concrete surfaces. Not only it covers more area, it also avoids the striping you see most times when others power wash their pavement. So after these steps are complete, your pavement will be brought back to life!


Wood surfaces are very delicate. Therefore we use our softwash method to clean the surface of the wood. Pressure washing wood can and will hurt the fibers and cause the wood to fray, leaving the finished product look like a fuzzy surface. Softwashing wood is way easier on the wood. Not only killing the mold and mildew on the surface, but also cleaning the surface from dirt and grime. Wood cleaning is a 4 step process.
Step 1) Rinsing the wood. Using a garden hose, we rinse off the wood free of debris on the surface, also anything inbetween the cracks. Also, by saturating, this helps cover the surface of the wood to avoid our solution seeping into the wood. We only want our solution to cover the surface of the wood.
Step 2) Applying the solution. Our special solution mix is applied to the surface of the wood. This helps kill the black mold/algae and mildew that is on the wood. Also making sure the wood is still wet while doing so.
Step 3) Agitating the wood. Using deck brushes, we scrub the wood to create a lather, which helps lift the mold, mildew and dirt. Sometimes steps 2 and 3 need to be repeated until it is clean.
Step 4) Rinsing off the wood. With a garden hose, we simply rinse off the wood all around washing away all of the dirt and mold. Making the wood come back to life!

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is getting more and more popular everyday. Here in the North East, due to humidity and cooler temperatures, asphalt shingles tend to grow a black algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae causes those ugly black streaks to appear on your roofs. In time, this can also increase moss growth on your shingles, which can and will destroy your shingles, costing thousands to replace. Also note, it may raise energy bills due to the fact it blocks the sun UV rays from the shingles. Our softwash method on your shingles is not only a solution, but its also affordable. Instead of early replacement of your shingles, spedning thousands, lets clean off the algae and moss and bring your shingles back to life, and increase its life expectancy. Our softwash is a 3 step process to clean your shingles.
Step 1) Prewashing the roof. First we prewash the roof using a garden hose to make sure any leaves or debris that is on the roof is removed before applying our solution. This also helps when applying our solution to give it an even coat.
Step 2) Applying the solution. We mix a special solution for roof cleaning jobs. We use Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) mixed with water, and a surfactant, which is recommended by any shingle manufacturer, which helps with warranty purposes. Using a 12v pump, we apply the solution in small areas at a time, making sure the black algae disappears before moving on to the next section, then work our way down. More coats may need to be applied. (*Note, we do not remove moss right away unless it falls off freely. Moss attaches to the shingle, therefore if removed right away, it will damage the shingle. Instead our solution kills the moss, and in time, mother nature and rain will allow it to fall off by itself, leaving no damage behind.) 
Step 3) Rinsing off the roof. Last and final step is rinsing the roof to ensure no black streaks are left behind. After the roof is completely rinsed off, the job is complete, and your shingles have come back to life. Bringing back its factory color and extending the life of your shingles

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is probably the most over looked, yet most important service to maintain your home. When gutters are clogged, rain water will run over the gutters and flood by your foundation, causing potential leaks into your home, and also destroying your gardens. Also, water can run over behind the gutters and possibly leak into your home, getting behind the flashing or siding. PLUS, your will damage your gutters because the weight will cause the gutters to bend and pull away from the facia, after a long time of not maintaining them. The repairs could cost hundreds, if not thousands. We hand pick the debris in your gutters, then flush out the entire system with running water, especially the downspouts to ensure there are no clogs and there is proper water flow. 

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be very tedious and time consuming. It could take hours, even days for someone to clean windows by themselves with out the proper tools. "Let us handle the cleaning!" We use traditional window cleaning tools to better service our customers. Such as the finest steel wool to help cut the dirt and grime on window panes, mops to wash the window with our solution, and squeegees to clean off the window panes, then detail the outter edges with micro fiber towels. We offer 3 different packages for our window cleaning services.
Basic Package- Glass cleaning outside only, sills wiped down.
Deluxe Package- Glass cleaning outside, glass cleaning inside, sills wiped down.
Premium Package- Glass cleaning outside, glass cleaning inside, frames cleaned, tracks cleaned, screens cleaned, sills wiped down.
Before we service your windows, we just ask for our customers to make sure all screen are pulled, and blinds are open. And if any nik naks, tables, furniture, etc. are moved away from the windows. These things tend to be fragile and we just don't want any accountability for damaged items.

Deck Restoration

When decks are not maintained properly, over time they will because hazardous, and rot. So not only this becomes an eye sore, but your back yard BBQ's are unsafe, and it needs to be restored. We not only clean the deck free of mold and mildew, but we also repair and replace any rotted wood from deck boards, spindles, railings, etc. So before cleaning the deck, we find it's a good time to repair and replace the damaged wood first. Then, we use a special solution to kill the mold and mildew, and use deck brushes to help agitate the soap for a deep clean. It's important to note, we only want to clean the surface of the wood. To help prevent our solution to enter the wood, we first saturate the wood with water, then apply our solution. after scrubbing, we rinse the wood off with a garden hose (NO PRESSURE WASHERS). More coats may need to be applied. After the deck has been cleaned and repaired, we need 3-5 days for the deck to completely dry. This means, if it rains at all in between those days, we have to wait another 3-5 days. We do not want to trap any moisture inside the wood. After the deck has completely dried, we stain the deck with solid colors to bring it back to life. The color is picked by our customer, and we supply the products. The deck receives 2 coats for stain, and finally, your deck has been fully restored and ready for those back yard BBQ's!!